The AAA-ICDR Council is part of the governance structure of the not-for-profit AAA-ICDR. Council members are experts and thought leaders in their respective fields, representing a wide range of external perspectives drawn from their experience with companies, law firms, academic and government institutions. The AAA-ICDR benefits not only from the broad expertise of its Council members but also from their gender and ethnic diversity.

The Council is comprised of over 90 business executives, attorneys, in-house counsel, retired judges, law professors, industry professionals, arbitrators and mediators. Through the work of Council Committees, the Council, among other things, serves to further the AAA®’s mission of providing fair, effective, efficient and economical methods of dispute resolution through education, technology and solutions-oriented service.

AAA-ICDR Council members are nominated and elected to serve for up to three terms of three years each. They meet together annually and more frequently in their Committees. Some Committees are devoted exclusively to ADR topics or areas, while others are devoted to operations and governance.

AAA-ICDR Committees

Council members serve on Committees where their expertise supports the AAA-ICDR’s mission, selecting key areas for which to provide in-depth guidance. As set forth in many of the Committee charters, two of the primary purposes of the Committees are to advise the AAA-ICDR and to foster a dialogue regarding the use of the AAA-ICDR in a number of areas. This includes examination of ways to develop and promote best practices as well as improving the use of arbitration and other forms of ADR.

ADR Committees of the Council

Arbitrator Committee: Assists and advises the AAA-ICDR in fostering a dialogue and communication with the panel of arbitrators in order to improve AAA administration and arbitrator training, among other things

Diversity and Inclusion Committee: Assists and advises the AAA-ICDR regarding ways to increase diversity and inclusion on its arbitration and mediation panels, as well as in the dispute resolution field

Healthcare Committee: Assists and advises the AAA-ICDR in fostering and developing dispute resolution solutions for the healthcare industry

International Committee: Assists the AAA-ICDR regarding ADR activities and developments globally, provides educational programs, and advises on opportunities, best practices, rules and publications

Labor/Management Committee: Assists and advises the AAA-ICDR in fostering dialogue with unions, companies, advocates and arbitrators with focus on improving AAA services

Large Case Committee: Advises the AAA-ICDR and helps promote a dialogue with companies and counsel on best practices for the optimum management of large complex cases

Mediation Committee: Advises the AAA-ICDR on ways to promote a dialogue with mediation users and practitioners on the use of AAA-ICDR mediation and means by which to establish the AAA-ICDR as the leader in the field

National Construction Dispute Resolution Committee (NCDRC): Facilitates a broad-based dialogue on AAA-ICDR dispute resolution, management and avoidance in the construction industry

Examples of the various ADR Council Committees’ work includes:

  • Creation of Best Practice Guides in a number of areas, including controlling e-discovery burdens, strategies for dispositive motions, use of experts in arbitration and preliminary hearings.
  • Assisting in the creation and drafting of unique sets of rules for specific industries and/or case types.
  • Assisting the AAA with major rule revisions.
  • Assisting in the development of new service options and Initiatives.
  • Assisting with the criteria and qualifications for the creation of industry-specific panels.
  • Planning and hosting major industry-related AAA conferences.
  • Contributing to the creation of numerous AAA webinars and publications.
  • Establishment of best practices, recommended standards and guidelines for arbitrators in various areas.
Standing Committees of the Council

Nominating and Governance Committee: Develops slates of candidates for nomination to the AAA-ICDR Council, Board and certain officer positions; provides oversight regarding the AAA-ICDR’s governance

Budget and Finance Committee: Advises the AAA-ICDR and Board of Directors on the annual budget and general financial operations of the organization

Law and Practice Committee: Reviews and advises the AAA-ICDR in connection with drafting or amending AAA-ICDR rules, procedures and guidelines governing arbitrations and ADR procedures; advises on amicus briefs submitted by the AAA

AAA-ICDR Foundation® Committee: Carries out the AAA’s authority as the sole member of the AAA–ICDR Foundation

The Foundation is a separately incorporated 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, with its own Board of Directors, committees and governance structure. The AAA-ICDR Foundation supports the use and improvement of dispute resolution processes in the United States and internationally, by, among other things, fostering measures that reduce or resolve conflicts and increase access to justice through dispute resolution.

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