The ICDR® is the world’s leading provider of dispute resolution services to businesses in matters involving cross-border transactions. Unlike many other arbitral institutions, the AAA-ICDR® is
a not-for-profit corporation that is not affiliated with any governmental or corporate entity.

ICDR and Singapore’s Maxwell Chambers

Maxwell Chambers’ initial mission was to become a hub to the world’s international arbitration community by housing leading international ADR organizations, state-of-the-art hearing rooms, and support services. The ICDR was one of the first institutions to establish a presence there.

The ICDR recently expanded its office space at Maxwell Chambers to accommodate case-management services—which means that, together with the other ICDR offices around the world, they can provide nearly round-the-world case management services.

ICDR in Singapore

The ICDR has had a footprint in Singapore since 2007, working closely with many groups to promote the use of international arbitration in Asia. 2018’s international caseload included 199 parties from Asia including China, India, and Japan, which further positions the ICDR to expand its Singaporean arbitral presence.

With regional arbitration institutions, the ICDR

  • Entered into over 20 cooperative agreements with other arbitral institutions in Asia and over 200 worldwide.
  • Co-organized events, training, and conferences, along with chambers of commerce, law schools, and bar associations.

For local corporations, the ICDR

  • Established a regional advisory board and committee to attend to the needs of corporate users—and adopted their feedback on the Expedited and Documents-Only processes to the International Rules.

For corporate counsel, the ICDR

  • Conducted international negotiation and mediation trainings, sharing findings and tips on “dispute-wise” companies (those that use alternative dispute resolution well).

For educational efforts, the ICDR

  • Led and participated in arbitration and mediation related educational programs throughout the region.
Alternative Dispute Resolution in Singapore

Well located, neutral, and technologically advanced, Singapore has ascended as a center for international commerce and now is one of the world’s most sought-after seats of arbitration of cross-border disputes.

Singapore has a reputation for impartiality and integrity—which are calling cards of the ICDR as well—and transparent and corruption-free courts. It also is supportive of the use of arbitration in practical measures: its legal system welcomes foreign lawyers to practice arbitration and offers special work passes and tax exemptions for arbitrators and mediators.

Arbitral awards issued in Singapore are enforceable through the New York Convention (Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards), subject to any domestic law and/or regulation.

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