Innovation is at the core of our mission to advance dispute resolution
AAA-ICDR® Focus Areas
Advancing ADR Rules, Procedures and Processes
New Products
and Services
Technology Enhancements
Innovation happens when we move past incremental improvements and towards transformational change.
Our innovation practice gives us the tools to gain fresh insights into solving customers’ problems in new and better ways, prepares us to overcome unexpected challenges and adapt to accelerating change.
Since 1926, the American Arbitration Association® has been a leader in alternative dispute resolution. And while our centennial birthday is at hand, we are thinking of ourselves as a 100-year old startup. In these times of accelerating change, we are not content to continue doing things as they have always been done.
We are constantly challenging the status quo, educating ourselves on emerging trends and technologies, finding new ways to leverage our competencies and assets, and putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes to understand their needs.
As a worldwide leader in alternative dispute resolution we are committed to customer and case information security and uninterrupted operation in the wake of a significant business disruption or disaster. We have implemented technologies to help protect all case data stored and managed on the AAA-ICDR’s technology infrastructure.
Innovation is not just about technology but about people and processes
We continue to focus on innovations that will improve the quality of client experience and AAA operations. To drive innovation we teach all levels of staff to think innovatively and empower them to champion new ideas. New technologies and innovative thinking will help us create the future of alternative dispute resolution.
AAA-ICDR Innovations
"Our IT department is not only about maintaining systems and ensuring seamless operations; we strive to be the architects of change. As the CIO, I am proud to lead a team of forward-thinking experts who continually push the boundaries to create innovative solutions that optimize our service offerings, and empower Arbitrators and Mediators to excel in the digital age."

Diana Didia
SVP/ Chief Information and Innovation Officer
“Given the exponential rate of change in our time, AAA’s innovation competency is essential to ensure we meet the needs of parties who rely on us now and in the future.”

Linda Beyea
Vice President of Innovation
“Innovation is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity in today's rapidly changing landscape. Our Innovation Practice showcases our commitment to fostering a culture of continuous growth. We encourage our diverse teams to challenge the status quo and explore uncharted territories.

Our focus is on delivering tangible value. We don't chase innovation for the sake of novelty; we look for solutions that address real customer needs. It works because we insist on collaboration and cross-pollination of expertise—everybody is in. By democratizing innovation, we have built a culture of curiosity, adaptability, and resilience.”

Bridget M. McCormack
President and CEO
How we Innovate
In addition to a Vice President and two Directors of Innovation, we have trained over 50 coaches and developed 9 innovation teams in offices across divisions and around the world. All staff receive continued innovation training.
We launched an innovation platform to empower our entire team to create, identify, share, and develop ideas that provide maximum impact on client satisfaction and AAA operations.
We identify and respond to unique challenges and devise tailored, cutting-edge solutions to optimize performance, efficiency, and security. Our IT team has expertise in emerging technologies and agile methodologies and a deep understanding of industry trends to keep us ahead of the ever-evolving technology curve.
Innovation Team
Diana Didia
SVP/Chief Information and Innovation Officer

Linda Beyea
Vice President of Innovation

Bryan Corbett
Director of Innovation

Erik Goss
Director of Innovation