Singapore: Understanding the Rationale, Implications, and Consequences
of the COVID-19 Act for Global Businesses and Dispute Resolution

June 4, 2020

07:00 pm to 08:30 pm Singapore Time

An expert panel will analyze the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act from multiple perspectives. Singapore is the global hub of business for Asia, and any legislation there will potentially impact business across the world. Learn from our experts how this Act will affect business, consumers, and – more importantly – dispute-resolution stakeholders in Singapore, Asia, and elsewhere in the world. They will also answer your questions.



Mr. Edwin Tong

SC, Senior Minister of State for Law and Health
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Mr. Francis Xavier

SC, PBM Regional Head Dispute Resolution Group (Rajah and Tann)
Member of Asia Advisory Committee, AAA-ICDR Asia CMC
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Mr. Nish Shetty
Partner, Head, Litigation & Dispute Resolution (Asia-Pacific), Clifford Chance
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Michael D. Lee
AAA-ICDR Vice President and Head of Asia CMC
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