Is there a registration fee?

The ICDR Practice Moot and Lecture Series does not require a registration fee.

Does the ICDR provide funding assistance?

The ICDR does not provide financial assistance to participating teams. We are happy to provide documentation and assistance to teams applying for funding from other sources.

Does the ICDR provide assistance with visa or scholarship applications?

The ICDR can provide proof of participation to teams applying for visas or financial assistance.

Are there any restrictions to participation?

All teams participating in the Vienna or Hong Kong rounds of the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot are welcome to apply for the ICDR Practice Moot and Lecture Series. As teams are not permitted to argue against or observe any team they are scheduled to meet in Vienna or Hong Kong, the ICDR will take every precaution to avoid such pairings. Participating teams are obligated to notify the ICDR in advance of the event of their Vienna and Hong Kong pairings and of any other known conflicts.

Who are the arbitrators for the ICDR Practice Moot and Lecture Series?

Volunteer arbitrators are drawn from the International Centre for Dispute Resolution’s roster of professional arbitrators. Members of the ICDR’s roster each possess 15 years of legal or senior-level business or professional experience; training and substantial experience in arbitration, mediation, and/or other forms of out-of-court dispute resolution; and a reputation amongst their peers for integrity, fairness, and good judgment.

How many rounds of arguments will each team be assigned?

The ICDR endeavors to provide each team with an opportunity to argue as both Claimant and Respondent.

Will teams be scored and ranked?

Arbitrators will be asked to provide each participating student with an individualized score and written comments. As the ICDR Practice Moot and Lecture Series strives to emphasize student education, scores are not used to rank teams. Arbitrators are encouraged to give greater focus on written and oral comments than numerical scores.

Does the ICDR Practice Moot and Lecture Series designate a winning team or oralist?

No, as an educational program, the ICDR Practice Moot and Lecture Series does not declare a winner or provide awards.

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Who Should Attend: Arbitrators, advocates, academics, and anyone interested in the dynamics of arbitration.