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Arbitration is used by thousands of organizations from every sector that count on the American Arbitration Association® (AAA®) and our 87 years of knowledge and experience to resolve a variety of disputes, including large and complex cases.  As part of our ongoing efforts to directly address users’ stated preferences for a more streamlined, cost-effective and tightly-managed process, the AAA has issued revised Commercial Arbitration Rules that will apply to cases filed as of October 1, 2013.

The revisions include:
  • a mediation step for all cases with claims of $75,000 or more (subject to the ability of any party to opt-out)
  • arbitral control over information exchange (discovery)
  • the availability of emergency measures of protection
  • access to dispositive motions
  • new preliminary hearing rules as well as remedies and sanctions for non-compliance

To download a copy of the revised rules, click here.