Choosing AAA® for Healthcare Industry Disputes: Expertise, Specialization and Experience

Resolve your healthcare disputes fairly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. AAA offers  a panel of seasoned professionals, specialized rules, and the case management expertise to find solutions that work for everyone. Contact us today and discover how we can help you get back to what matters most: delivering quality healthcare.

Claims & counterclaims in 2022
Neutrals with significant healthcare dispute experience
Cases settled prior to award saving time and money
Years of experience resolving disputes

Drafting Fair and Effective ADR Clauses

Writing an effective, fair arbitration clause can make all the difference, keeping cases manageable and saving you time—and money. Visit our healthcare clause guide with specific examples, options, and comparisons drawn from our years of expertise.

A Healthcare Panel of Practicing Experts

Unlike other ADR organization, our 260-person healthcare panel is made up of industry professionals, not full-time arbitrators, allowing them to bring an added level of expertise. 

AAA Healthcare Arbitration Rules

The AAA understands the unique nature of healthcare disputes and has created specialized healthcare arbitration rules recommended by its Healthcare Advisory Council. Amended in October 2022, the updated rules address issues of initial disclosures, confidentiality, conduct, and the importance of cybersecurity, to name just a few.
of AAA's Closed Cases in 2022 Settled Prior to Award
of settled cases close prior to incurring any arbitrator compesation

AAA Insights

Our healthcare data and insights help companies across the industry plan for their disputes by providing an understanding of key AAA case metrics, including the number of healthcare cases, case types, settlement rates, and more valuable information.

A neutral non-profit organization focused on one thing – resolving disputes effectively

The American Arbitration Association was founded in 1926 with the specific goal of helping to implement arbitration as an out-of-court solution to resolving disputes. The AAA is the world's largest private global provider of alternative dispute resolution services.

The AAA does not benefit from arbitrator compensation, which means our only incentive is to resolve cases driven by the parties fairly and cost-effectively.

Clients Include

Benefits Administrators
Equipment (Sale, Lease, Maintenance)
Information System Vendors
Managed Care Organizations
Medical Suppliers
Outsourced Healthcare Services
Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
Physicians Groups
Health Systems
Health Plans

Healthcare Case Types

Healthcare Corporate Transactions
Payor/Provider & Managed Care Contracting
Credentialing/Peer Review & Hospital Governing Boards
Provider Contracts
Asset Sales & Purchase Disputes
Outsourcing & Vendor Disputes
Joint Venture/Mergers & Acquisitions
Licensing/Healthcare Technology
Shareholder & Partnership Disputes

AAA Healthcare Rules:
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AAA Healthcare Team

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Vice President

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Director of ADR Services

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Director of ADR Services

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Manager of ADR Services

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Manager of ADR Services