CaseShield by AAA-ICDRSM is a virtual desktop solution
providing arbitrators and mediators with a uniform, secure
and easy-to-use environment to manage their cases.

Subscribers can access CaseShield by AAA-ICDR anytime and anywhere, on any device and browser, via a secure internet connection.
How Does It Work?

Arbitrators and mediators can subscribe to the CaseShield by AAA-ICDR virtual desktop, using their own devices. Users will have access to cloud-based versions of Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe, and other standard desktop software. They will also have access to a new Microsoft Office 365-based CaseShield by AAA-ICDR email address (first initial last name @ – i.e. [email protected]) or they can continue using their current email address. Additionally, files can be safely saved, stored and protected within the virtual desktop.;

To learn more, please visit the CaseShield by AAA-ICDR Virtual demonstration by Diana Didia, AAA Chief Information Officer.

What Are The Benefits?

Security. At a time when cybersecurity is extremely important and constantly changing, CaseShield by AAA-ICDR provides multiple layers of security including encryption, Enterprise-grade anti-virus
anti-malware protection, and multi-factor authentication.

This provides significant defense against most common security threats and vulnerabilities … Phishing, Ransomware, Poor Access Control, Poor Password Management, Lack of Encryption, and Poor Patch management. CaseShield by AAA-ICDR offers ‘Enterprise-grade’ cyber protections consumers cannot purchase/configure on their own, with an easy to use standardized desktop environment and on-demand, help desk support. Also new security threats are evaluated and the required response is applied by experts. This eliminates the need for the Arbitrator to vet, acquire, configure, manage and monitor their own security tools and settings.

Simplicity. All of your important case files and information will be streamlined into one, secure, standardized location that you can access everywhere you go.

Support. On demand desktop technical support will be available to users. 

Is CaseShield by AAA-ICDR right for me if I currently work at a law firm or a company that has cybersecurity tools in place?

If you are a lawyer at a firm, there might be security protocols in place. However, CaseShield by
AAA-ICDR will provide you, the arbitrator, with several key benefits. These include:

  • Strict separation between your work for the law firm and your work as an arbitrator
  • Keeps confidential arbitration case information off of the law firm’s servers and databases
  • Eliminates the risk for parties in an arbitration if the law firm has a data breach and arbitration case information is accessed
  • Gives arbitrators the ability to have retention periods for arbitration cases that are independent of a law firm’s retention requirements for client files
  • Eliminates the risk of in advertent disclosures that can occur by having arbitration case files and information on law firm servers and databases
  • Provides peace of mind of retaining control over arbitration case files if you decide to leave your firm.
How much does CaseShield by AAA-ICDR cost?

After the 30-day free trial, the cost will be $199 per month. You will be offered an option to enroll for the full year. By taking advantage of this, you will receive an additional one month of CaseShield by AAA-ICDR free. If you do not enroll in this option, you will be billed monthly.  

You can subscribe to CaseShield by AAA-ICDR by visiting

Where can I view a demonstration of CaseShield by AAA-ICDR?

You can view a demonstration given by AAA-ICDR Chief Information Officer, Diana Didia, by visiting

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